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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 22, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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i wanted my voice to be heard, still can't be heard because of the decision that the judge made. >> the news edge beginning in maryland tonight. a man who murdered his wife and another man will not go to prison. instead a judge ruled him insane today. not exactly the decision the victim's families wanted. we have the story tonight. >> well, the families of terrace luck earth's victims have waited three years -- luckett's victims have waited three years to get their day in court and now the family of the man killed says the ruling tore open a new wound in her already grieving heart. >> reporter: this is john scales jr. and his wife on their wedding day and this is what she has left to remember him. >> it just makes me feel like i'm close to him. >> reporter: on august 2nd, 2007, john scales was working at this barbershop when terrace luckett burst in and shot him to death. according to police reports and scales wife, it was the
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culmination of a dilution that scales was having an affair with luck-- delusion that scales was having an affair with luckett's wife. she said her husband had been talked about a year, even a brick was thrown through the shop order. >> he got a restraining order and -- shop window. >> he got a restraining order. >> reporter: police failed to stop luckett when called to his home for domestic violence one day before the murders. >> he's telling the police that i fear for my life. you know, he's making these threats and the police give her a domestic violence pamphlet. >> reporter: the next day luckett stabbed his wife and repeatedly shot her in the face before gunning down scales at the barbershop. scales widow says the not criminally responsible ruling robbed her of a chance to make a statement in court and robbed
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his victims of justice. >> it's almost like, you know, his life didn't even matter where, you know, it took three years and the healing process to at least feel a little bit better and this feels like open the wound and throwing salt in it. >> reporter: 42-year-old terrace luckett will be sent to the clifton t. perkins hospital center and if doctors determine he is no longer a threat could ask to have him released. we have an update on a shooting investigation involving former boston celtic player and georgetown hoya charles smith. police say they found cocaine and evidence of a gambling operation inside his home on lansdale hopeway. neighbors called police yesterday when they heard gunshots. smith is recovering from his wounds, still no arrests. the edge now on a developing story. wikileaks is at it again releasing classified military documents. this one is being called the greatest data leak many military history. of course, the pentagon not
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happy at all about it. shawn yancy is here now with more on what these documents actually say. >> we're talking about nearly 392,000 documents now out in the open tonight. they include secret field reports from the front lines in iraq. this is the second time the whistleblower website has made some of the government's most private information public. wikileaks says the classified reports describe the iraq war through the eyes and ears of u.s. military troops between 2004 and 2009. some of the rereesed documents include information on -- released documents include information on civilian death tolls showing deaths mostly came at the hand of other iraqis and the numbers much higher than that of the bush administration and more vivid pictures of iraqi detainees and the documents indicate iran was a major player in the war showing they trained insurgents and imported weapons used against u.s. troops, the pentagon clearly upset about these leaks. >> this information is
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classified for a reason. this is information we believe should be safeguarded, protected, should not be in the public domain. we believe at the very least it potentially exposes our tactics, techniques and procedures, how our forces operate in the field. remember, that in the wake of the afghan document leak in july our enemies stated publicly that they were going to mine this information to look for ways that they could take advantage of it to find vulnerabilities and then exploit them. our intelligence backs that up. this leak is potentially four times as large as the last one. >> the defense department has now assembled a group of 120 experts to review these new iraq documents. we'll stay on top of this story and watch it as it develops. a search for bullets this morning near the national museum of the marine corps. sky fox over the scene near i- 95 as prince williams county police look for the evidence. someone piered several rounds of bullets last sunday at the be. the caliber of bullet has been
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determined but -- at the building. the caliber of the bullet has been determined but the gun has not been singled out. tonight only on fox previous fire chief dennis rubin talks about his decision and the change in leadership. >> d.c. fire chief dennis rubin is the latest to announce he's leaving a top post in the administration. the chief sent out a mass public e-mail to friends with his new contact information. neither the mayor's office or presumptive mayor knew he was planning on leaving. in that message he wrote, "i will be leaving the d.c. d.c. fire department effective january 2nd, 2011, as the new administration takes over. my current plan is to provide consultant services until i find a full-time position that is a good fit for me. what a great opportunity that mayor fenty has provided and i will leave this great city
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without any regret." tonight fox 5 had an exclusive interview with the chief and asked him why he wasn't asked to stay. >> i really don't know the answer, but from my perspective it's not as easy as getting a great job like you have. i've got to go out nationally and begin sending out my resume and i didn't want that to be a secret. i need to be able to have an income. so with that said, i think it's the right thing. it's the right place. it's the right time. i think we've moved the system ahead remarkably. >> the chief also talked about how he juggled the important work of fire safety with politics here in the district. he talked about the very public confrontation he had with the d.c. council over everything from surplus fire engines and the allegations of discrimination in the department to fire hydrants that didn't work. >> i'll leave the politics to those who do political work. i've never been described as being detached at least no one sharing that with me. so i'm going to describe that
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as hitting it flat footed from my perspective. i was involved in many, many civic meetings. i kept my ears open, tried to be extremely responsive. >> now the fire chief dennis rubin says he plans to stay in town and work as a consultant. >> roby chavez tonight. the chandra levy murder trial finally is a go. a panel of 12 women and four men have been chosen as jurors including four alternates. the actual case against ingmar guandiqui gets underway monday charged with attempted sexual assault and murder of levy in 2001. a d.c. council member up for reelection this time around and now he's under investigation. >> there's no wrongdoing and quite frankly, i think it's very interesting the timing of this. >> up next why d.c.'s top lawyer has harry thomas under the microscope. >> cold out there tonight. as a matter of fact, frost advisory in place for most of us, not here in the district, but most of the suburbs. we'll show you that plus the
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weekend forecast all coming up. but first a quick check of the rundown, just a few of the stories we're working on here on the news edge. hang tight. we're back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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a d.c. council member up for reelection is up for investigation. harry thomas has been asked to turn over documents realed to a nonprofit organization called team thomas. fox 5's matt ackland has more. >> reporter: harry thomas took a break from a hearing on workplace safety to tell fox 5 he has done nothing wrong. >> let's clear the air, any wrongdoing at all? >> there's no wrongdoing and quite frankly i think very interesting the timing of this. >> reporter: attorney general peter nickles said this has nothing to do with the upcoming election saying he launched
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this probe after reading reports in the media that suggests thomas' nonprofit organization named team thomas was not complying with strict and federal tax laws. >> i didn't know -- district and federal tax laws. >> i didn't know anything about this until i read it in the press and i have a responsibility as the chief legal officer of the city to see these matters. >> reporter: but tsays his nonprofit organization has been dormant since he became a council member. he says no tax laws have been broken. >> they know that team thomas has been a community-based organization that has supported youth and senior service activities in my ward before i got to the council. when i became a council member, we looked at how i should operate differently because of ethic rules. >> reporter: in this three-page document request the attorney general wants to know who donated cash to team thomas, nonprofit status was granted to those organizations and who receives money from team thomas. >> the information we have requested for an entity, be it a nonprofit or otherwise, would be in your desk drawer if you
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were operating under the appropriate licenses and registrations. you could go to your desk drawer and pull them out. >> reporter: council member top said he'll answer all questions to put this investigation to bed and he also tells us he plans to fight back. >> i also think there's some legal issues that the bar needs to be brought aware of and i believe the abusive political tactics that the attorney general's office is using in that regard. >> reporter: once again council member thomas says he has broken no laws here and peter nickles says that he believes thomas will turn over the proper documents before he has to issue a subpoena next tuesday. in the newsroom matt ackland, fox 5 news. coming up next another break-through at the world's first commercial space port and the company behind it now is predicting when it will open for business. plus coach shanahan just a little familiar with that quarterback. what it means for the skins this sunday in the sports edge. you know money doesn't buy
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happiness, but it may mean a longer life. find out why rich people have longer lifespans than normal next. from this wasn't a terrorist attack it was death by metro, death by mismanagement. i called for an immediate audit, the results were chilling. so i insisted metro actually follow national safety standards for the first time. the brass at metro wasn't happy, but frankly i don't care. i'm not the senator for metro, i'm the senator for maryland. i'm barbara mikulski and i approve this message.
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a fire destroyed an alexandria landmark today. the 129-year-old immanuel chapel at the virginia theological seminary. late tonight occasional flames still rose from the building. the chapel had a tiffany stained glass window installed in 1928. for people at the seminary the
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loss is already painful. >> i'm just in shock and devastated. i got messaged from friends, e- mail and phone calls to let me know. i was at work and came straight here from work and i couldn't believe it till i saw it. >> there are countless memories from desmond tutu preaching in the pulpit to gerald ford after watergate coming to that chapel and praying before he became president of the united states. >> the atf will help determine the cause of the fire, but that could take days of. out west to the world's first commercial space port virginia galactic one step closer to launching tourists into space. the company officially completed the runway nearly 2 miles long stretching across the new mexico plain. the milestone comes two weeks. richard branson expects flights to begin in nine to 18 months. the 2 1/2 hour flights will
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include five minutes of weightlessness. tickets will run about 200 grand. not only will the rich be able to take a ride in space, a new study says wealthy people have longer lifespans. shawn is back with your fox 5 top five. >> apparently the richer you are the longer you live. no. 5, british researchers found the aging process is slower among wealthy people. they have higher levels of a hormone called dhnes and often tend to lead a more active life and eat healthier than people with less money. no. 4, you can print out your facebook photos at target. look for special facebook kodak kiosks in target stores nationwide. users can select individual photos, make collages, books, calendars and greeting cards, no word how much the prints will cost. no. 3, the cost of mailing a letter may soon go up again. the postal service wants to raise the price of a first class stamp from 44 to 46 cents. you can beat this increase by
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purchasing forever stamps now. the postal service is appealing a request to increase prices come january. no. 2, alarming predictions about an increase in diabetes. the cdc says one in three u.s. adults could have the disease by 2050 and new cases will increase to 1 in 15. no. 1 tonight if you live in maryland, the polls now open every day but sunday through october 28th for early voting. voting centers are open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. voters will choose a governor, u.s. senator, representative for congress and several other local offices. you can find a list of all the early voting centers by logging onto and clicking on the politics tab. it is chilly out there. looking at some frost in some places. >> yeah. a good amount of frost, too i think, brian, temperatures out
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there right now already in the 30s, not in town. it's cold in town. it's chilly. it's not cold yet. temperatures have dropped down into the 40s in town, but temperatures have already dropped into the 30s outside of town. frost advisory is in place. beautiful shot tonight. almost a full moon out there and you have the monument in the background, very nice. chilly out there, frost advisory in place, not for the district, not for fairfax, not for prince george's, but if you're in prince williams, loudoun, frederick, back out to washington, all the counties in blue under a frost advisory, light blue along the shenandoah there a freeze warning. 47 in town, 37 gaithersburg and frederick. these continue to drop a bit. hagerstown was 50. now they're down to 46, martinsburg 42 and manassas dropped down to 36. big area of high pressure right on top of us. the winds are light.
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the skies are clear, perfect for cold temperatures overnight tonight. now in town lower to mid-40s, okay? so the temperature here in town probably won't drop that much more. the heat a land effect of the city, but you get out -- island effect of the city, but you get out in the suburbs, bowie 35, fredericksburg 38 degrees and i think there will be a little frost out there tomorrow morning. look at the weekend, though, just gorgeous. even though we start off cold tomorrow morning, we warm up to 70 degrees, even warmer for sun at 74 and look how much milder it's going to be tomorrow night, 52 degrees. we'll have a little bit of cloudiness out there tomorrow night and even on sunday, too, and that will tend to keep the temperatures up just a little. check out the trend, even past the weekend staying warm. monday 73, tuesday already up -- all the way up to 76 degrees and one reason for such a comfortable weekend, these are highs today across the nation, so a lot of heat down through the deep south. that will move in our direction
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and another thing we're seeing, an absence of cold air. bismarck, north dakota today 70 degrees. so at least for now the colder temperatures are trapped up into canada. it does look like they will be making a run for it. so late next week and into halloween it looks like it's going to be a little cooler. for the 6 tomorrow morning in town at 8 a.m., a little -- 46 tomorrow morning in town at 8 a.m., a little cooler in the suburbs, 65 at noon and 70 degrees in the afternoon. not a lot of cloudiness, but we stand a chance of at least getting some passing high clouds and a midlevel cloud or two tomorrow. five-day forecast is shaping up like this. we have the gorgeous weekend on tap for us, 70 tomorrow and then 74 as we get into sunday and then it stays warm monday, tuesday and wednesday. stick around. lindsay is coming back with sports. wecan.d yd
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good evening. i'm lindsay murphy. happy homecoming to both mike shanahan and donovan mcnabb both in their hometown of chicago sunday for the skins and bears game. it's a game chris cooley will be part of now that he's been cleared to play after suffering a concussion last week. sunday mike shanahan will be reunited with the quarterback he chose in the 11th pick of the 2006 draft jay cutler. the duo spent three seasons together in denver including a 2008 season in which the quarterback made the pro bowl. they will meet on opposite sides of field and for shanahan and his current group there's nothing but respect for cutler.
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>> i like the way he handled himself, fierce competitor, stand in the pocket, takes some shots. now he's getting used to a new system. it's going to take some time, but i like the guy and think he's got a great future. >> he's got a strong arm, can throw anywhere. i seen him in the dallas game. he didn't put his arm in and it was like 65 yards. he's got an arm, great group of receivers that can run the ball. >> the redskins defense made progress in weeks four and five against the eagles and packers but after giving up 469 yards and 27 points against the colts sunday the team is last in the league in defense and that point not sitting well with players on that side of the ball. >> week in, week out, we can't give teams 400 plus yards, 500 yards, you know. that's just ridiculous. >> we need to discuss what need to be done.
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we're always talking about detail whether it's just the level of execution on each play, pass rushing coverage, thing of that nature. it has to come together because when you give up 400 plus yards each game, it's very disappointing. the maryland football team will try to get an elusive road win tomorrow at boston college. last week the terps dropped their 10th straight road contest. they have not won way from home since september of 2008 and some more bad news, folks. the terps have never won in chestnut hill. >> we just got to hang in there and keep working and find a way to win, you know. these next -- we got six more games at least and we've got some tough games on the road. we got to find a way to win on the road and get back home the bird and if we do that, we'll end up with a good season. to the other football jaime moreno's storied 14 year career in major league soccer, 13 with d.c. united coming to an end tomorrow with the season finale
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against toronto fc. moreno shares the mls career scoring record. he's a seven time all store. his former teammate and current coach, just one of his many fans. >> jaime was a guy behind the scenes and all he did was show up and again produce magic for this club and championships and put on great shows for the fans here and for everybody in the league. game six of the alcs, rangers looking to clinch their first ever trip to the world series and they do it. neftali feliz strikes out the former ranger alex rod for the final out of the game, 6--- alex rodriguez for the final out of the game, 6-1 is the final score. they will play the winner of the phillies and giants and that is a game you can see on fox 5 tomorrow right here at 7:30. one final note, lake braddock beats a unanimous cylindrical 45-24 in our -- annandale 45-24
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in our game of the week match- up. ongress ehrlich voted with george bush 90% of the time, protecting the special interests. as governor, ehrlich cut education, increased college tuition by 40%, and vetoed an increase in the minimum wage. and after losing his election, bob ehrlich joined a lobbying firm and got paid $2.5 million to represent casinos and wall street banks. bob ehrlich--24 years of putting the special interests first.
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taking the edge off, he's had several nicknames during his hall of fame career, the diesel, shaq fu and now you can add the big


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